How does multiplayer work on consoles?

There are two ways to enjoy multiplayer games.


The first is local split-screen play for two players. In order to play this way a single player game must first be selected and started and then the second player can join by connecting a second controller.

Peer-to-Peer Online

The second is online peer-to-peer play for up to four players. In order to play this way one person must create a game and then others may join that game. The world will only be active as long as the host is playing. Once the host quits all other players will be kicked from the game and will not be able to rejoin until the host is playing again.



Split-screen will not work with online multiplayer. They are separate modes.

Online play is best enjoyed with friends so that game sessions can be coordinated. If you join a stranger's game you have no idea or control over when or if they will continue that world. Many hours of progress can be lost if that host decides to delete that game.


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    William Henderson

    This is not explained when you buy the game on the psn thanks again this would have been a great game I know I won't be telling my friends to buy this

  • Avatar
    Curtis Willis

    Won't let me play online and hasn't done for the past few months

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    Deej Drew

    Every time I hit either multiplayer modes or join a game it says error patch is required for multiplayer modes. Wtf does that mean I have it for PS4 btw.

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    michael abernathy

    Man this is a cool game for ps4, but you should make it clear that it is 7 days to Die LITE. The online play is BEYOND DISAPPOINTING. At the very least there should be an option for the host to allow the game to continue when they are offline. This absolutely ruins the game. A game like this in splitscreen is like playing while looking through a keyhole at your tv from another room. If you don’t change this I an done with your games. The Forest looks way better btw.

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    Joshua Donald Hewitt

    Big fan of a game I could never run properly on my crappy pcs and now cannot fully enjoy on console because of lame restrictions. Atleast make it 4 player cooperative so that those of us who have to share a console can still play with all our friends. It's pretty lame one person has to watch the other play or invest in an entirely separate console and game to play. As for the lack of options when selecting a server to join, completely unacceptable in its current state. No in game chat is also frustrating, that's more money on a microphone. My criticism may not be the most positive but it's honest, while you could have made an aleady awesome game a shared experience by console gamers who haven't had the same opportunities as PC master race. Dropped the ball guys, really disappointed.

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    The Grims Gaming

    Ok but is it cross platform between ps4 and xbox tho

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