What is the protocol for reporting bugs?

Go to the Bug Reporting Forum and post a New Thread. Always create a New Thread for each bug rather than posting all the bugs you saw in one post. Please use the following outline to report any bugs you come across.



Make sure the title of your post shows what console you're on at the start, for example:

"[PLATFORM] [Type of Bug (Hitching, Crash, texture etc)] Post Title"

If you know what area of game is effected you can use the Prefixes (above Title when making a post) to help out too, don't worry if you don't though.

Short brief titles are best, because you can use the body of the post to give me all the details.

example:  [PS4] [Crash] Never-Ending Building Environments Screen


Main Post

So now that I know what console you're on I'm going to need as many details as possible about it, your game and the bug...


Before we get to the main bug, I need to know what your setup is. So aside from console type, details about your console, what patch are you on, do you have any DLC, disk or digital etc. Basically everything that is in place before the bug happens, if you are in a world when the bug occurs, What kind of game you were playing? Map, what time of day it was, what in game day it was, which character were you playing as, what biome were you in, single player or multiplayer and anything else you think might have contributed to the bug.

Step by Step

Do you know what you did before the bug? Can you repeat it by following the same steps? Please list them here, it will help isolate the issue further.

The Bug

When the steps are completed, what happens? Try to be descriptive as possible if you can. Any little thing you see can be a factor. If the game crashes, how does it crash? what do you see?


Any media files? One of the things that helps us out is if you have a video or screen grab of the bug occurring, this can help us test and try recreate the bugs ourselves to try to find the origin. If you see a bug you can get your console to record the last few minutes and submit that to us.


Anything else? Any other information you can think of that might help us, add it in, the more info we have, the better! User ID or Gamer profiles would be helpful too.

The more posts that follow this layout, the easier it is for us to report, test and resolve issues and the more likely the bug you are reporting will get fixed in the next patch.



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    Ümit Writer (D.O.N)

    XBox One) So I will call the hotline and the money back. As soon as more than one person joins you on the card an online player joining. Disconect ????
    I lose complete thing I have already built partly complete motorcycles. In an hour 3 times Disconect. So I do not want to play ubd to pay for it

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    James Peterson

    Need help half of my home base has reverted back to its first stage

  • Avatar
    James Peterson

    So I lost my base again, I knew I should have just thrown this garbage away after yall deleted my first base, but enjoyed the game enough to try again. But this time I personally will bash every company involved on every website I can find for this waste of time. This is something you should of caught in testing instead of being greedy and releasing this crap. If you can't hold memory enough to not delete bases then this shouldn't have been released. This is just a horrible way to treat the ppl that made the mistake of spending money on your games. Hope yall know how bad of a taste this leaves for any gamer.

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    Xbox 1 have had 5 games corrupted and lost all saved files I love this game but I'm very very unhappy with this

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