Where do I go to get support?

The best place to look for support is on the forums. If you’ve spotted a bug, chances are you are not alone. If you can’t find a solution to your issue, we encourage you to report the bug on the forums.

Console Support Forum


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    Scottish Harris

    I was looting a zombie and the game crashed so it I shut it down wen I came back on my minibike had gone I look everywhere for it and can't find it can anyone help

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    James Peterson

    I lost half of my base, the outer walls and some structure are floating in the air. Spent a lot of time building for it all to be gone

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    mr scary scar

    Me and my son play this game have been for 2 years today it wiped out all our inventory very depressing knowing how hard we worked to get it

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    Marrie Dannielle Greeson Johnson

    I have this game for PS4.. Everytime I enter my house I get error coded out how do I fix this. I am not starting over again...my husband finally got a PS4 and we play together and our base was just getting started good....

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