What parties were involved with the console release?

Telltale Games

Telltale Games is the publisher of console version of 7 Days to die. It financed the porting of the game to consoles, secured the licenses used by the game (The Walking Dead), negotiated distribution, handled marketing and manufactured the physical copies of the game. Telltale holds the rights to the console version and therefore has control over what future updates will be made for the game as well as whether they will be free or paid for products.

Iron Galaxy

Iron Galaxy is a video game developer studio that was hired by Telltale Games to lead the porting of the PC version of the game to both Xbox and Playstation. Iron Galaxy worked in collaboration with The Fun Pimps to complete this process.

The Fun Pimps

The Fun Pimps are a video game developer studio that created and has been developing the PC version of 7 Days to Die. They have financed the development of the game through the crowd funding ventures of Kickstarter initially and then Steam's Early Access program. The game was released as an Alpha version in August of 2013.



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