What is the Refund Policy?


All payments to fund the development of the game are final. There are no refunds. You may be able to seek a refund from Steam per their terms of agreement.

The PC version of 7 Days to Die is currently an alpha stage prototype that is currently in development. The Early Access program in Steam as well as the Kickstarter Campaign before it are and were crowd funding programs to help develop the game. The money paid grants the user access to the development cycle so they can experience the process by which the developers create the eventual final product. Funders can test features, find bugs, and report their feedback as well as weigh in on planned features in order to help the development and have a voice in the decisions.  Funders are promised a copy of the final product at the close of the development cycle.

Because the game is in a constant state of flux during development there is never a guarantee that it will always function properly at all times. Also, there is no guarantee that the game will remain something that any particular user will continue to have interest in playing. The developers have archived past stable builds so that if the current release is unstable for a user's computer they can opt in to one of the previous versions.

For these reasons The Fun Pimps do not grant refunds.



TFP has nothing to do with the sale of either the XB1 or PS4 versions of the game. We cannot refund something we did not sell. You may possibly be able to get a refund from the vendor that sold you your game.

The console version of 7 Days to Die is published by Telltale Games and distributed by game stores, online vendors, and of course both the Microsoft and Sony marketplaces. In order to gain a refund you must work with whomever sold you the game. This site is run by the developers of the PC version and while we offer support for the console versions we do not have a store that sells the console versions.


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