Where's my key, Bro?


If you are here then it is because there is an issue with your key. There are two types of keys:

1) Legacy Keys: These were sold from our site during the kickstarter before the game began to be sold on steam. If you purchased one of these keys and you need it to be converted into a steam key or if you lost it then please go here: http://7daystodie.com/my7dtd/  If the automated system doesn't help you then create a support ticket and give us as much information as possible including the email you used to purchase the key, your full name, and approximate date of purchase.

2) Steam Keys: These are keys that can be redeemed for the game with Steam. If you purchased one of these keys from us and are experiencing issues with it then please create a support ticket and let our staff help you resolve things.

We can only assist with keys that we sold from our website. If you bought a steam key from a 3rd party or were gifted a key there will be little we can do because you are not in our system. If you bought your game from Steam then you don't have a key and you are in the wrong section.


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